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The Sancy Diamond : (Unestimated, Priceless)


The Sancy diamond is 55.23 carat (11.05 grams) of pale yellow diamond that once was famous as the belonging of the Great Moguls. It’s believed that the diamond is Indian origin. This is the first large diamonds to be cut with symmetrical facets. The stone is also unusual because it has no pavilion – just a pair of crowns, one on the other. This historical diamond is now kept in the French Crown Jewel collection housed at the Louvre.

most expensive diamond the sancy diamond

The Cullinan : $ 400 Millions


The Cullinan Diamond is 3,106,75 carats (621.35 grams) diamond and is the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found in the world. After polished it become Cullinan I or Star Africa first and at 530.2 carats (106.0 grams) is the largest diamond in the world until 1985 with the Golden Jubilee of 545.67 carats (109.13 grams) from the same premier Mine.

most expensive diamond the cullinan diamond

The Hope Diamond : $350 Millions


The hope diamond is 45.52 carats (9.10 grams) large diamond that now located in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. The diamond looks blue in color to the naked eye because the number of traces of boron in the crystal structure but It shine a red phosphor under ultraviolet light.

most expensive diamond the hope diamond

De Beers Centenary Diamond: $ 100 Millions


The De Beers Centenary Diamond were classified as D levels by the Gemological Institute of America. It’s the highest grade of a diamond that colorless and internally and externally flawless. The diamond itself is 273.85 carats (54.77 grams) in weight. This diamond is the 3rd largest diamond has been produced by De Beer’s Premier Mine.

most expensive diamond debeers centenary diamond

The Steinmetz Pink : $ 25 Millions


The Steinmetz Pink is 59.60 carats (11.92 grams) of diamond that rated as Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America. It’s the largest known diamond that given a color as Fancy vivid pink ever. The Steinmitz Pink was displayed as part of Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamons” exhibition.

most expensive diamond the steinmetz pink diamond

Wittelsbach Diamond : $ 16.4 Millions


The Wittelsbach diamond (Der Blaue Wittelsbacher) is a 35.36 carats (7.11 g) blue diamond with size of 40 mm in diameter with 8.29 mm in depth and VS 2 in clarity. It was become part of both Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels, with color and clarity has been compared to the Hope Diamond (you can see below on No. 4).

most expensive diamond wittelsbach diamond

The Heart of Eternity : $16 Millions


The Heart of Eternity is a 27.64 carats (5.528 g) diamond with a color rated as Fancy Vivid Blue by the Gemological Institue of America. This diamond is very rare class of colored diamond. It was cut by the Steinmetz group before sold to De Beers Group. The diamond itself was found in premier diamond mine in South Africa.

most expensive diamond the heart of etenity diamond

The Moussaieff Red Diamond : $ 7 Millions


The Moussaieff Red Diamond is 5.11 carats (1.022 g) diamond with triangular brilliant cut that rated as Fancy Red in colour by the Gemologial Institute of America (GIA). Although Moussaieff is relatively small compared to other expensive diamond, this is the largest fancy red ever rated by GIA.

most expensive diamond The Moussaieff Red diamond

The Allnatt Diamond : $ 3 Millions


This diamond is named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt. He was one of the holders of the diamond. The Allnatt diamond has size of 101.29 carat (20.258 g) with a cushion cut. The diamond color is rated as fancy vivid Yellow by the Gemological Institute of America. No one know precisely where the diamond was found. But some expert say that the diamond was found where the De Beers premier diamond mine now located.

most expensive diamond the allnatt diamond

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